How do we ensure your data has One Truth?

The more accurately we can measure the way we work today, the better we can predict our needs tomorrow

Data Duplication wastes time and money.  Sometimes is seems that every team has its own Excel tracker with their own version of the  current plan. At Katipo Systems, we strive to eliminate data duplication to create the fastest pathway to the information you need, saving time and money and allowing teams to focus on their true value propositions.

Tool Design

Creating web based systems customized to reflect the way teams work

  • Tools designed to make your teams jobs easier
  • Tools that can tie into corporate systems
  • Emphasis on making tools users want to use

Connecting Teams

Creating Tools to Connect Teams to other Teams

  • Our Apps connect to Corporate tools to ensure ‘one truth’ for data
  • Connecting tools connects teams to a single data source
  • Instant alerts when plans change
  • Data available and easily found

Ensuring Data Quality

Connecting tools with Corporate databases eliminates data duplication and ensures a single truth to our data.  We continuously monitor to ensure data stays clean and up to date