Portfolio Management

How we build a Future Looking System for our Clients

Why Portfolio Management?


Headcount Prediction


  • Prediction Headcount requirements out 1-3 years
  • Predict individual team requirements or an entire business unit
  • Show how individual projects affect total team loading

What-if Scenarios

Quickly resolve ‘what if’ questions like:

  • What teams need to hire people if a project is pulled in 3 months?
  • What is the impact to the teams if we need to launch 5 products instead of 2?
  • What is the best way to space out products within our current headcount?

Cost Estimator

Instant cost, time and HC estimations for new Products

  • Calculator tool for new proposed products
  • Estimate headcount and fixed costs over time for every team and any project

Other Services

We also help design and build applications to track your work and collect useful data